Lifelines Utilities – Transition to Happy Hour!! Roger Fairclough

Infrastructure service providers are (in general) giving insufficient attention to Lifelines responsibilities under the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act.  Inter-dependencies, multiple hazards, and cascading events are increasing in importance.  In addition, we have no evidence to prioritise across infrastructure investment for improved community and national resilience.
The New Zealand Lifelines Council, in collaboration with regional Lifelines groups, are focused on coordinating with relevant government agencies, local authorities and private operators to increase recognition of the opportunities leading to improved well-bring for New Zealanders.
To this end the New Zealand Lifelines Council recently completed the report “New Zealand Lifelines Infrastructure Vulnerability: Stage 1”.  This provides a national context for regional lifelines studies and informs lifelines resilience planning, national policy / strategy, and future research priorities to enable us to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours.

Roger is a Civil Engineer and Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand. His career spans government, State Owned Enterprises and the private sector, including design, construction, and government policy. Roger is an internationally recognised expert on infrastructure resilience and has advised the National Infrastructure Unit in Treasury and all central government transport agencies on the topic of resilience. Roger is Chair of the New Zealand Lifelines (Utilities) Council and was a key contributor to the New Zealand “Built Environment Leaders Forum”. Infrastructure research is a particular area of interest where he participates in national science challenges and prioritising research funding. He is an independent consultant with Neo Leaf Global Ltd.