The following programme is current as of 18 June but subject to change.  The committee reserves the right to amend any component as required.  All changes will be updated on the website.

New Format for 2018. On Wednesday there is the Bay Of Plenty Lifelines group meeting (everyone welcome) and optional expert panel /tours available.  Complimentary to conference attendees.
The IPWEA NZ AGM will follow at 1630 with welcome drinks around the trades through to 1900 followed by a free evening – dine around options will be available.
If you would like to check out activities / mountain biking / golf options (user pays) click here for more details.
The conference will commence Thursday at 8.30 am and close Friday with the IPWEA NZ & Fulton Hogan conference dinner.

Wednesday 20

1015 – 1230 Bay of Plenty Lifelines Group meeting.  IPWEA NZ delegates are invited to join the regular meeting of the local Lifelines Group Meeting – lunch follows and allows plenty of time to join one of the optional tours detailed below.  RSVP is required

1400  Expert Panel / Tours
1: Tour:
The heart of disruption – Volcanic and Geothermal features with Brad Scott – FULL wait list only
2: Expert Panel Discussion:
Diversity and Inclusivity in Engineering – Diversity leading to better outcomes in business’.  Susan Freeman-Greene, Priyani de Silva-Currie, Sam Almeida and Nicky Smith
3: Tour: Te Puia & Hemo Road Intersection – collaboration & Rotorua Water – visit Karamu Takina Springs
5: Tour:
Rotorua Cycle experience – entry level ride on the Rotorua urban recreational network.  Cycles and helmets provided. 

1630  IPWEA NZ AGM – Held at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre, Mezzanine rooms 2 & 3
1730  Welcome drinks in the exhibition area
1900  Free evening – Dine-around option available for those who would like to join up for dinner (user pays)

Thursday 21

0730  A light breakfast will be available in the Exhibition area
0830  Welcome / Opening – Hon Shane Jones
0925  Keynote: Who are we?  Cecile Maisonneuve (France)  sponsored by HEB
1010  IPWEA NZ Excellence Awards introduction
1040  Morning tea sponsored by Waugh Infrastructure
1110  Hynds Finalists
11115  How to plan for an earthquake event:  essential data… Irmana Garcia Sampedro
11140 Growing pains – the Western water story… Dan Stevens
11155 Saving money by extending the life of bridges.  Raed El Sarraf
1230  Networking lunch
1330  Concurrent Session oneClick here

WaterTransportAsset ManagementWorking CollaborativelyEnvironmental / Resilience / Sustainability
Sponsored by: Stantec Sponsored by: WSP-OpusSponsored by: InforSponsored by: IPWEA NZSponsored by: IPWEA NZ
101 Sea Level Raises the Bar - The Rewa River Intake.
Angus Buxton
201 Managing Disruption in Three Gorge Roads – Case Histories from Responses To Three 2017 North Island Landslide Events.
David Stewart
301 Data for Next Generation Decision Making.
James Thorne
401 Impact of Social Characteristics of Communities on Water Supply System Resilience.
Behrooz Balaei
Volcanic Eruption Impacts.
Brad Scott
102 A Nexus of Natural Hazards: When All Roads Lead to Rome.
Mark Pennington
202 Taming of The Death Toll – What really drives road safety?
David Mitchell
302 Opotiki Sewer Rehabilitation Project – A Right Sized Solution for Regional NZ. Peter Askey402 They Might All Be Pipes, But Not All Pipes Are The same. Tony Gordon502 Slow the Flow (Of Water And Money) With Natural Flood Management.
Colin Cranfield & Jonathan Chambers
103 Protecting Drinking Water Quality at Source.
Michael Garbett
203 Unconscious Decisions – What Were We Thinking? Warren Ladbrook 303 Assessment of Seismic Resilience of Christchurch’s Wastewater Pipelines
Marcus Gibson
403 Future Cities: Preparing for A Disruptive Future.
Chloe Smith
503 Building resilience through green infrastructure.
Kevin Tearney & Marta Karlik-Neale
104 Achieving Water and Wastewater Network Operational Resiliency Through Monitoring and Analytics.
Eric Skowron
204 Pulling Numbers
Theuns Henning
304 The Politics of Water. Steve Finnemore404 Love Thy Neighbour - Partnership for Resilience
Peter Brown
504 Development of A Resilient Water Supply for Auckland. Priyan Perera

1530  Afternoon tea sponsored by Veolia
1600 Young IPWEA snappy presentations sponsored by WSP Opus
Young IPWEA  introduction  Elliot Egan
11111Determining the criticality of central Auckland’s road network.  Kester Rebello11111
11111Rising expectations – sea level rise effects on the stormwater system at Auckland International
11111Airport. Edwin Nixon
1111  From link to place: repurposing Te Moana Road. Chris Groom
1111  Maintaining access on the Otago Peninsula, and securing access for the future.  Kieran Trainor

1655 Resilience in IPWEA – Mat Greskie & Robert Fuller
1705 Lifelines update.  Roger Fairclough
1720 Hynds winners announced1
1730  Hynds Pipe Systems Happy Hour
1930  50’s Broadway with HEB – Dinner at Blue Baths.

Friday 22 June

0730  A light breakfast will be available in the Exhibition area
0830  Welcome / Presentation of the winning Young IPWEA NZ presentation sponsored by WSP Opus
0000 Keynote: Building a Resilient Boston:  The path from plan to action.  Katie Choe (USA) sponsored by Stantec
1010  APWA President – William ‘Bo’ Mills (USA)
000  Jennings Randolf Fellow The Reemergence of the Kansas City Streetcar Jason Waldron (USA) sponsored by WSP Opus1 1

0000 AECOM Awards introduction
0000 Young leaders Award report back  Jenna Neame000
1030  Morning tea
1100  Concurrent Session twoClick here

WaterTransportAsset ManagementWorking CollaborativelyEnvironmental / Resilience / Sustainability
Sponsored by: StantecSponsored by: WSP-OpusSponsored by: InforSponsored by: IPWEA NZ Sponsored by: IPWEA NZ
105A How to deal with the relentless flow of sewage.
Riaan Rossouw and Geoff Kitson
105B Improving the resilience of key pipelines
Leigh John
205 Innovative Application of Apps and Systems.
Neil Bennett
305 Searching for The Light At The End of The Pipe.
Daniel Johnson
405 Together Doing It Better. Rob Burchell & Sven Harlos505 Climate Change: Understanding and Managing Risks.
James Hughes
106A Where Are We Heading After the Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry?
Andrew Watson
106B Havelock North - A Big Red Warning Light.
Iain Rabbitts
206 Public Transport and The Ride-hail Disruption.
Gavin O’Connor
306 Y2k – Lessons from A Global Resilience Event.
Colin Gerrard
406 BEST BRANCH PAPER Driving Business Transformation: Excellence through Procurement
Raj Suppiah
506A Roads with A Spring in Their Step - The Optimisation of Crumb Rubber Binders In NZ. Clare Dring
506B Kaitiakitanga – Wai? Whenua? Or Wastewater Treatment Plant?
Frances Teinakore-Curtis
107B Modelling Durability of Concrete Below Ground. Americo dos Santos
207A Lifting Our Planning for the 4th Emergency Services. Shaun Perrin & Margarita Gonzalez-Borrero
207B Modelling Disruption. Alan Kerr
207C REG; The new programme - a call for action. Jamie McPherson
307A The Flow of Data - Delivering Critical Asset Data Using BIM.
Brett Naylor
307B What’s "Good" Worth? Taking the Guesswork Out of Tender Evaluation.
Caroline Boot
307C Managing Unsealed roads. Steve Browning
407 Resilience in Advance of Disruption | Putting Theory Into Practice.
Monique Cornish
507A Assessment of The Resilience of The North Canterbury Transport Network Following The 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake.
Doug Mason
507B When A Patch Won’t Do, Watchman Road and The Northern Gateway to Napier. Nick Aiken
507C Contract terms - removing the roadblocks. Duncan Halliwell

1240  Networking lunch
1340  Concurrent Session three – Click here
WaterTransportAsset ManagementWorking CollaborativelyEnvironmental / Resilience / Sustainability
Sponsored by: StantecSponsored by: WSP-OpusSponsored by: InforSponsored by: IPWEA NZ Sponsored by: IPWEA NZ
108 To Replace or Refurbish? – Sludge Dewatering Press Case Study.
Graeme Wells
208 The implications of new and disruptive technology for public transport.
Andrew Lightowler
308 Building Resilience Through a Totex Efficient Approach…
Ken Gedman
408 River Recharge with Groundwater – Adaptive Management in Practice.
Tracy Clode & Martyn Cole
508 Insurance Risk Transfer: Quantifying Natural Hazard Losses. David Milner
109 Something New for Townie Poo.
Peter Ross
209 C-AV Dedicated Freight Roads; Increase Productivity, Increase EV Uptake and Reduce Demand on Other Public Roads. Andrew Maughan309 Local Government Excellence – Is New Zealand Infrastructure Up for The Challenge?
Adam Feeley
409 Balancing Regional Infrastructure Requirements with Local Effects.
Jenny Vince & Fiona Matthews
Three Waters Asset Loss Modelling. Mark Baker
110 BEST BRANCH PAPER Highlights from the OzWater'17 Conference
Bridget O’Brien
210 Transport Resilience and Earthquakes – Learning Lessons from Christchurch.
Glen Koorey
310 Out with The Old, In with The Renewals.
Pulith Kapugama
410 Planning for Success in A Water Limited World – Spatial Planning Enabling Rural Transformation.
Sean Newland & John Duffy
510 Can We Wait to Deliver Future Urban Resilience?
Liam Foster & David Boothway

1510 Afternoon tea
1540  IPWEA NZ President Samantha Gain
0000 Keynote: Disrupting the nation for better health outcomes Cam Calkoen sponsored by Calibre
Conference close

1930  Fulton Hogan & IPWEA NZ Awards dinner
           After dinner speaker:  WO1 Danny Broughton