The Reemergence of the Kansas City Streetcar. Jason Waldron

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Learn how the Kansas City Streetcar went from the idea on the back of a napkin to one of the most successful streetcar systems in the United States and a catalyst for infrastructure upgrades and innovation.

Hear the story of how Kansas City’s modern streetcar program transformed its downtown with unprecedented ridership and economic development. Follow the Kansas City  Streetcar from planning, through construction and into passenger service. Understand the funding and public-private partnerships that were used to develop a funding strategy.  Learn how the project provided an opportunity to address other infrastructure needs and serve as a catalyst for Smart City innovation.

Jason  is a registered professional engineer with experience in program, project, and construction management for a variety of roadway, trailway, and railway projects.  He has been involved with the Kansas City Streetcar Project from the early conceptual planning, through design and construction and into passenger service.  Jason has spent the last four years with the City of Kansas City, Missouri and currently serves as the Program Manager for KC Streetcar.  Jason is a graduate of Iowa State University.